Hall Of Fame

Welcome to the Cobourg Tae Kwon Do Hall Of Fame.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Every so often an individual or two get inducted to this Hall Of Fame for their contributions to our academy, to the martial arts community, and our local community. These individuals set examples for the rest of us to strive for.

Charlotte Kerr

Mikaela Lavoy – May 2019

Grand Master Elton Trower – June 2016

Master Gayle Brayton – June 2014

Jeff Morrow – June 2014

Master Richard Bernier – June 2013

Grandmaster Veronica DeSantos – June 2013

Grandmaster John Dube – June 2012

Master Joyce Farrell – June 2012

Black Belt Graduation Awards

Awards presented to the Black Belt Graduates at the yearly Black Belt Graduation Ceremony who displayed the appropriate attributes of these individual awards.

Dedication Award

Athena Matthews – June 2018

Athletic Award

Cheryl Sanders – June 2018

Indomitable Spirit Award

Greg Smith – June 2018

Leadership Award

Telena Mulligan – June 2018

Charity Award

Samantha Hamilton

Challenger’s Cup

The Challenger’s Cup is given out once a year at the annual Black Belt grading. The black belt who wins this awards shows integrity, perseverance, self control, loyalty, courtesy, leadership, compassion, and all other traits we look for in our Black Belts.

The Challenger’s Cup was retired after June 2017 to make way for the new Black Belt Graduation Awards.

Darren Everson and Ocean Lothian – June 2017

Al Schillaci and Abbey Morrison – June 2016

Michael Liscio – June 2015

Abby-Sue Elder – June 2014

Jesse Johnston Newell – June 2013

Sarena Thompson – June 2012

Ginie Shin – June 2011

Mikaela Lavoy & Liam Andrews – June 2010

Jeff Morrow – June 2009

Jordan Stewart – July 2007

Joyce Farrell – April 2007

Richard Bernier – January 2007

Sam Pomanti – October 2006

Clayton Linton – July 2006

Francis Ahn – April 2006

Liam Archibald – January 2006

Charlotte Kerr – November 2005

Kelly Zheng – August 2005

Jacob Gallant – April 2005