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Women's Combative Course


Ladies….. Gain Back Your Control and Confidence Through Self Empowerment and Defense Training


A short training video on how you can go from feeling insecure and not knowing how to fight off a potential attacker to you knowing how to avoid dangerous situations before they happen and using powerful strikes to stop your would be attacker.

Our Free Preview Training Below Reveals:

A simple rule that will help you see potential dangers ahead of time and learn how to avoid them.

A tip that will help keep predators and attackers from sneaking up on you.

A physical technique that will help keep attackers from getting the upper hand and helps you set up powerful and effective counter strikes.

Two easy to learn techniques that are extremely effective and powerful against any attacker no matter how big or mean they are.

A powerful technique that when done correctly can get any mounted attacker off of you.

The best part is you can use all five of these tips and techniques right away…