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Self Defense Seminars and Empowerment Workshops

Teaching Teen Girls and Women How To Gain Confidence And Control Through Empowerment and Defense Workshops

Learn the strategies and skills you need to know to avoid dangerous situations before they occur and escape them safely if you are suddenly caught off guard by an aggressive attacker who doesn’t care about what happens to you

Empowerment and Defense Workshops are for:

  • Small Groups
  • Corporate Groups & Local Businesses
  • Mother/Daughter Groups
  • Young Ladies Going Off To College/University
  • LocalĀ  Schools (Public & High Schools)
  • Girls Groups
  • and more…

Empowerment Workshops Include:

  • Situational Awareness so you can see potential dangers before they occur and you can avoid them all together
  • Easy To Learn Combative Strikes so you can stop any attacker regardless of their size or strength and with minimum effort
  • Mental Preparation to prepare you for any situation that may occur
  • Vital Targets on the Body so you can feel confident that you can deal with any attacker without relying on brute strength or fancy techniques that don’t actually work in real life
  • Ground Defense Techniques that allow you to escape from an attacker who’s on top of you and without having to be super strong or athletic
  • Sexual Assault/Date Rape Prevention concepts that will make you hyper aware of potential dangers of this nature and how to avoid them all together
  • Defense Techniques Against The Most Common Attacks that you may encounter in your daily life and how to effectively deal with them to keep you safe and alive
  • Survival Mindset Concepts that keep you focused on the situation at hand and how to survive with minimum harm to you
  • and much more…

We offer 1 hour, 1.5 hour, and 2 hour empowerment workshops depending on your needs and time availability.

We can either host at our academy or on location at a business, local school, orĀ  in the Cobourg/Port Hope area.

Nothing is more empowering than having the physical tools, mental strategies, and the self confidence to handle any situation you are confronted with.


Click The Links Below To View Specific Empowerment and Defense Workshops

Women’s Empowerment and Defense Workshop – Saturday March 28th – Postponed

Senior Ladies’ Empowerment and Defense Workshop – Saturday April 25th – Postponed

Women’s Empowerment and Defense Workshop for Young Ladies Off to College – Saturday July 25th

Women’s Empowerment and Defense Workshop for Runners – Saturday October 3rd

For more information about booking Women’s Empowerment and Defense Workshops with Cheryl and Master Jonathan, please click on the button below to book an info appointment, or give us a call at 905-373-0032


EMPOWERED: Essential Concepts and Strategies Every Woman Should Know About Self Defense

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