271 Spring Street., Cobourg ON K9A 3K3

“The same as many people, I started the year out with a resolution to begin living a healthier lifestyle through both diet and exercise. I began looking for a fitness class that would challenge me and introduce me to a new health and fitness routine. My sister suggested I join her to a Fitness Kickboxing Class at Cobourg Taekwondo. I enjoyed the high-energy class immediately. Throughout the weeks I began pushing myself harder and surprisingly began alleviating stress through the kickboxing workout. With the added push…I mean help of Jonathan and the other members of the class I was able to achieve a much higher satisfaction with my overall health, body and energy level. Each session is different and you’re always learning something new as Sir incorporates new combinations into the workout. It’s a great class for someone who is interested in an effective workout that will challenge you physically within a positive and encouraging atmosphere.” Kim