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Mothers and Daughters' Empowerment Workshop

How We Help Moms & Daughters Have Fun, Gain Confidence, & Learn A skill That Will Leave Them Feeling Forever Empowered

A short video on how we bring Mothers & Daughters together and not only create a bound but come away with life skills, confidence, & a memory that could even save their life someday – by learning simple moves, how to avoid danger, and have more fun because of it.


What you’ll discover in this free training video:


How 5 seconds in any environment can save you and your daughter’s life… you’ll learn this and so many other tactics within the first 30 minutes

When you and your daughter know this… the size of the attacker doesn’t matter

Most Mothers & Daughters think martial arts lessons are for little kids, tough guys, and they might get hurt… we actually share why it’s the complete opposite